Log house, in fact, is a living creature, whose main purpose - to take care of his owner. More and more people in the world prefer to build houses from the wood. It is known, that wood has medicinal properties. Influence of wood on human health and emotional state.



         In ancient times believed that the wood relieves fatigue and restores power. Today, science has proved the influence wood on human bioenergetics. For example, it is considered that such breeds as oak, pine, apple and birch have a property give up their energy, while the poplar, aspen, bird cherry and alder take her away.
        Those trees, which give up energy, at the same time have a healing effect on the human organism: relieve stress and irritation, increase vitality, and restore the nervous system, increase activity. Some breeds of a tree, such as apple and cedar, have a purifying and disinfectant properties.


      Per person affects not only the color of woodbut also wood. By selecting the appropriate type of wood, you can adjust not only emotional state, but also the character of man. Thus timber - it is far more than just a building material.
     The People and Plants, being a part of one ecosystem is inextricably linked to each other. Because a tree - the material created by nature itself, in a wooden house you always feel calm, warmth and comfort.
Comfortable house built from environmentally friendly materials, create a special atmosphere that is open for recreation that helps to restore strength, energy and mental balance, to find a balance with the environment, regain peace and cheerfulness.


             By ecological compatibility we mean not only benefits for human health, but also harmless for the environment, both the material and the whole cycle of production.
             Speaking about eco-friendly housing, we must not forget about such a factor as an ecological comfort includes high degree of environmental security, availability conditions for rest and recuperation.
To build from wood - not only environmentally friendly but fashionable. Wooden house for a wealthy man who cares about the health of his family and descendants. Such a house is designed for those people who value convenience, individual style and respect traditions.


              Tree - one of the most ancient and traditional building materials, combining at the same time sufficient strength, a variety of textures, aesthetics, excellent thermal insulation and ecological purity.
The most comfortable for the sanitary-hygienic requirements (including due to the low thermal conductivity) are cobbled and log walls made of coniferous trees. Coniferous species are more appropriate because they have a more regular shape of the trunk and less prone to rotting of, than deciduous.
              It is no coincidence in the Nordic countries, such as Sweden, Finland, Russia, the Netherlands and Norway wooden construction is very popular. Tendency to use natural materials gradually coming also in Poland. A wooden house is suitable for all climatic terms, so construction of wooden buildings can be built anywhere.
             Wooden walls have low thermal conductivity, so if in the winter house was not heated, to warm it up to comfortable conditions possible for several hours. Wood recreates a healthy microclimate in the building, the extra humidity quickly leaves the room. The walls are made of wood are light-resistant.

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     An important advantage of a wooden house is the economic factor. The tree has a natural golden color, which is not necessary to hide under the finish, which by the way is one of the most expensive steps in the construction of the house.

In addition, when compared a wooden house with a brick or stone house the similar area, wooden house easier, and therefore can often be less expensive to do a tape and sometimes pier foundation.In addition, many other parameters, the construction of a wooden house costs often cheaper than the construction, for example, made of brick.In the end you determine what will be the house - economical, moderately expensive or luxurious.