An approximate value of constructing a raw state building ranges from 350 Euro netto / m2 in Poland
of the house surface (log minimum diameter of 22cm). It depends on the number of storeys, diameter of the log, internal walls, construction of partition walls (from logs or skeleton), height,
at which the ceiling is constructed, etc.
The final cost is calculated on the basis of a detailed project.

   Scope of the performed assembly works. 
Raw state   building shell            turnkey state
  Assembly of external and internal wall constructions
  Longitudinal sealing of logs (jute)
  Assembly of rafter framing
  Laying vapuor permeable foil
  Installation of ventilation and chimney ducts
  Assembly of roofing, metal finishing and gutters  
  Insulation of rafter framing  
  Installation of wooden windows  
  Installation of external doors  
  Floor insulation    
  Installation of wooden stairs      
  Installation of wooden paneling,plate GK or OSB    
  Installation of internal doors    
  Installation of electricity and gas    
  Installation of hydraulic and sewerage    
  Sealing log from inside and outside with hemp rope    
  Thorough sealing of the wooden construction   by agreement  by agreement
  Ceiling finishing    
  Cleaning, grinding internal and external walls    
  Painting internal and external walls    
  Technical support and periodic technical inspection during the first three years    

  Each project is individual. To obtain current price offer, please select diameter or intersection of the log and send it together with the project to the address e-mail:
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 contact us using the form

or by calling phone number +48 508 250 306.                                                                                                                                              

rounded logs/ mechanical
  glued logs hewn logs / manual
Ø = 18 cm 180mm x 260mm from Ø 20cm to 50cm
Ø = 20 cm 205mm x 260mm  from Ø 50cm and more
Ø = 22 cm 240mm x 260mm  
Ø = 24 cm  260mm x 260mm  
Ø = 26 cm
Ø = 28 cm
Ø = 30 cm  

The above specification includes assembly works.

The presented calculations of projects include: average project based quantity and value
of finishing materials, the contractor's sustenance, commuting and accommodation.

 The scope of assembly works can be changed on your request.

   Please, be kindly informed that rounded log houses constructions with the log diameter of 22cm and glued logs beginning with an intersection of 180mm x 219mm do not require additional insulation from outside, nor inside and they significantly lower the house finishing costs.

 Initial calculation preparation period depends on the given or chosen project example and lasts from one up to a few days.

 By mail and answering your questions, providing information that is necessary for you and that concerns building from wood, as well as calculation of the sent project - gratis.

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