Many investors are looking for a suitable contractor for the construction of a wooden house for weeks, months, not looking away from the monitor, browsing mountains of information on the forums. However, this way to search does not guarantee finding the appropriate firm. Appropriate in terms of price, quality, hard work, knowledge, skills, and above all, honesty in the calculations. To find a contractor that meets these criteria is not easy.

Colorful sites, the first ranks on the first pages in the search engines, many promises, photographs (often of unknown origin). And as a result - lack of basic knowledge of wood construction. Most investors are difficult to recognize in all this amateurism and incompetence.

Unfortunately, we are often faced with situations where the investor is drawn to us to fix already done damages by such builders.

Most Common Mistakes
Improper positioning of the wooden structure: its contours do not match the contour of the foundation;

The absence of any insulation between logs construction;
The use of foreign materials for insulation between the beams structure such as Mineral wool;
Connection logs "in the face" on the wall.
Answers performer sound amazingly simple - otherwise we could not install, you do not understand anything in the construction of wooden houses, we always do, and no one complained, we built a lot of houses in this way, etc.

Unfortunately, most investors are not always able to cope with such an approach the contractor.
Here we show mistakes that can do some of the builders of wooden houses.
We hope that the information provided by us will protect potential investors in the process of searching for contractors and in the initial phase of construction allows you to determine the appropriate contractor or not.

- The fundamental mistake is laying mineral wool between the logs, as completely lost insulation, absolutely necessary in this form of construction.
Recommended-laying of flax, jute, or moss.
- Do not use in the performance isolation of artificial materials (eg polyurethane lining under laminate), because there is a danger of rotting, because This material is not suitable for this kind of work.

Some performers are building over many years, while not performing elementary insulation between the logs, citing the lack of its necessity, that is a fundamental mistake.
Wooden structure should be isolated at the initial stage of construction, later caulked during home decorating and at least one more time after eighteen months of use of the house.

Arranged such insulation guarantees you a warm home.

These pictures are examples of how not to build a house, and perhaps help you choose the right contractor.

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