When operating the bar-shaped house and the house made of logs, special attention must be paid to the prevention of damage to the wood from rotting wooden house, infestation by fungi and blue.

To do this:

1.provide good ventilation of all parts of the wooden house, especially in areas that are in contact with moist air;

2.timely processing of damaged areas;

3.not to leave the underground and unventilated attic spaces etc.

4.during the warm period (temperature not below 5C), built house must immediately process ognebiozaschitnym composition for the prevention of the appearance of wood stain, mildew;

5.further house exterior paint composition is necessary to cover for protection of wood against weathering and to increase durability of the house.

6.To prevent deformation and warping joinery in the house (okia, doors, shutters, stairs, etc.) necessary to cover their paint composition immediately after the adoption of the facility.

7.Heating systems for wooden houses do not require any particular specificity and do not differ from systems to brick, block or other buildings.

8.Often make the mistake of setting, for example, stove and heated by a large living room, hall and surrounding area. In this case there is a very active forced drying timber walls at the location of the fireplace, large cracks appear, burst ends of logs, is uneven shrinkage.

To prevent this, it is necessary:

to heat sources were evenly heated area ;

we can not allow the coolant was located in one place and was targeted for heating several rooms.

Not recommended muffled close timbered design elements in order to avoid the accumulation of condensate. It is recommended that a gap of 10-15 cm between the deaf and construction beams for ventilation.

Observe the usual rules of fire safety as well as in any other home .

Wiring in the house should be well- designed, professionally installed and operated in accordance with the rules .

Furnaces and heaters should be separated from wooden structures sufficient air space or fire-resistant materials.

9.Recommended to cover the house protective and decorative composition for protection against ultraviolet component of solar radiation, which leads not only to a change in color of the wood (it turns gray), but also causes cracking of logs and timber, creates a favorable environment for microbial growth.

10.To protect wooden structures from beetles grinders necessary to fumigation with toxic gases and injecting into Realized beetles moves solutions of toxic substances. For proper operation of the service life of the wooden house is at least 100 years.

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