Construction of wood - whether it's wooden houses, cottages, bath or hunting lodges - always made people a lot of questions. And generate lots of myths associated with the common misconception. Any man who once dreamed of moving, and every second thinking about your own home. According to statistics, only 3 out of 10 "who dream" begin to build a house. Of course, not all, but those seven who left the dream of his youth, live in apartments in the firm belief that the wooden house is not their element. Sociological research about private house construction, have shown that people refuse to wooden house for several main reasons. Some reasons are relevant, others banal and taut, look at some of them. First myth: house made of wood - this summer, the country house is not fit for living. Many believe that living in a wooden house can be only in the warmer months, mostly in the summer. What if it is a wooden house, it is a small house, perhaps, frame type, a la office container, summer, holiday option. This view is, of course, has the right to life, because the majority of people have holiday villages, and in the winter to the house just simply do not drive up, to the same village in a minimum of communications, etc., the word most satisfied frame building options to dacha.

But the house of wood can be exactly the same housing capital as a house of bricks, cottage or apartment in a building of typical building. Wooden house - it's completely comfortable housing, starting with good windows and doors and ending with all the benefits of civilization: parquet flooring, plumbing, TV, alarm system, etc. It is fully protected, safe, warm, cozy home - namely housing. The only thing that instead of the usual for the majority of stone or brick walls, wooden walls here. Wall material may be different - this log, lumber and various modifications, the same frame, he just made a slightly different version than for summer houses.

You have many questions associated with fire safety, and the colors of the house. People often ask whether infest wooden house bugs, whether it is warm, etc. All these questions in principle solvable. The most difficult of them - the issue of fire safety. But if someone wants to burn the house, then burn and in a brick house, and as smoking in bed - it's a matter of elementary fire safety, which must comply with in any home.

We intentionally omit the question of what an eco-friendly wooden house - this has been repeatedly contacted almost all specialized publications. But perhaps not everyone knows that the wooden houses are often not put air conditioning systems, because the house itself breathes, it is natural ventilation through the walls.

Another issue for the construction of wooden houses: how many years may serve a house? Forget the rickety old wooden houses. Today, with the advent of technology there are many opportunities include your house in order, and 100 and 200 years. The market offers a durable roofing, protective materials, paint - just follow the house just as we follow the clothing and footwear, the apartment.

The second myth is completely unfounded: Wooden house - a low-cost housing.

Must admit that a wooden house, or more precisely, the capital of country houses of wood commensurate with the cost of any other capital property, whether it be a cottage or apartment building mass. You could even say that the house is made of wood - it's not cheap housing. But acquiring it, you get a huge advantage for individual housing is made for you and for you, from the exterior of the house and its interior finishing.

Wooden house, in which the base material is usually a spruce or pine, can be trimmed inside tiles, plasterboard. The house can be set to any engineering equipment, what your heart desires: boiler, sink, sauna bath, Jacuzzi, fireplace, kitchen with electric or gas stove, heated floor. Accordingly, the cost of housing of wood will depend on the option selected equipment.

By the way, what can be saved, so that the construction of the small basement. It is known that on the waterproofing of foundations, basements leave a lot of money. Constructing shallow foundation - if you do not intend to do a basement - you can forget about this problem. Small foundation with its technical characteristics is not inferior to heavy foundation.

The third myth: building a house - it's expensive.

Indeed, the construction of wooden houses is not cheap, the material and work on its handling, delivery and assembly involve considerable investment of resources. Expensive - a term that can be compared, ie and there must be something cheap. You can compare the wooden houses and apartments, in this case expensive (several times) - it is flat. Another couple: wooden house and capital construction. Brick + shipping + work + foundation + covering finishing of front and inside paneling, etc., again as a result of the construction of a wooden house can not be called expensive.

The fourth myth: wooden houses require maintenance, repair, it costs money.

One of the popular but erroneous statements. This question may be divided into two parts. First, repair. Second, the service. So, for the repair of wooden houses, of course, necessary. But how is it expensive? Just visit any village which house you see there? Brick houses in the villages do not have to repair the house "old" do not spend a lot of effort and the more money they have goes another myth that live in apartments expensive and impractical. Wooden houses are durable in nature, if the house is properly folded, then it will be no problem, it will serve "faithfully" for several decades, besides the tree - an elastic material and easily gets shrinkage home importantly it live.

Service private homes, especially capital, not a cheap pleasure. Hence the rumors about the service road. In order to provide a warm wooden house, enough to maintain a constant temperature, which is achieved by minimal but constant energy consumption (coal, wood, electricity). To maintain the heat in the wooden house consumed 30% of energy from energy to maintain temperature in the capital building.

The fifth myth: wooden houses freeze, wind penetrates freely into the house through the "Seated" crowns. Another fair statement. Wooden houses may freeze and dampen, if not true log cabin complex, such as handicraft and, of course, in winter, the corners will play a role freezer. Building a house requires knowledge and experience cylindrical frame folded "in a bowl", provided professional insulation, not only will be chilled, but will keep warm in winter and cool in summer. It was so in Russia piled solid houses that still give housing the third and fourth generation. Wood - this is the best insulation material.

 Myth Six: wooden houses may not be high.

It is a misconception that has no justification. Wooden houses can be high, the height does not depend on the tree, all the matter of professionalism, who is building a house. Of course, you can cause a lot of examples of high wooden houses from the story, but a shining example of today's heights is a wooden house built in the 13 floors in height. This house is built one person, no matter how it happened, but the fact that the height of ... this is by far the highest wooden building in the world.

Myth Seven: wooden houses are afraid of fire.

Today, through the construction of the house, you need to use special chemical compounds (flame retardants), which should be covered with wooden houses, they not only protect from the fire, but also able to generate foam to extinguish the fire started.

Myth Eight: wooden houses exposed bark beetles.

Not only bark beetles, termites, wood borers, mold, fungi and other organic formations represent a danger to the wooden house. Thanks to technology, we have in its arsenal a wide range of tools from pests. They can protect the wooden houses not only from fire and pests but also from putrefaction. It is worth to note that not all are intended for indoor use, be careful.

Myth Nine: eventually seat themselves wooden houses, windows and doors jammed.

Shrinkage is not an issue, it is a fact that must be considered, through the construction of the house. Anyway, what windows and doors are used, plastic or wooden doors house shrinks anyway, so you should leave room for 2-3 cm higher than the estimated value of the shrinkage of the framework. Attach to the window to plant stands (not to the logs), to fill the gap with foam. Besides pipes and any other items to be fixed using special joints, in which case you will avoid distortions of a wooden house or parts of it, will not need to constantly correct and tap.

Myth Ten : toilet outside in the winter - uncomfortable.

Building a house does not mean building a makeshift villa . Wooden houses should have drains, protected from moisture underground, water, borehole or well pump , or central heating. For the organization enough to dig a hole sewage - septic tank , do not forget that the deeper - the better, and a sealed hatch - guarantee your comfort. Septic device is simple, you can always order evacuation in case of filling , but it happens rarely, mostly cleaning occurs naturally .

Myth eleventh : tatty wooden houses and decoration of wooden houses is difficult.

There is a term : interior wooden house. The concept of " interior" includes everything that can afford imagination. There are no problems with the finish and interior decoration. There are subtleties that are inherent in the construction of houses. Wooden houses are mobile , so the standard installation of drywall or applying putty will lead to the inevitable cracks , if we neglect the specifics of finishes such homes. Understand this will help specialist .

Wooden houses are compatible with all finishing materials and in your rooms can be plasterboard construction , arches , columns, ceiling moldings , etc. On the walls you can hang wallpaper , paint paint , decorative plaster applied in general ... all that tells imagination.

Myth twelfth : a wooden house is not to be watched.

This statement took place at the dawn of modern wooden house building . Currently, however, many understand that framework requires constant appropriate care if you do not want to be the owner of the house , is more reminiscent of an abandoned barn . You must be aware that the tree - the organic material .

Requirements for the care of wooden house is not very high , but the procedure should be carried out carefully. Literally, a couple of tips on the project home to later facilitate their care of it :

Make sure the bottom logs spaced high enough off the ground.

Configure overhang so that it was greater than in other types of buildings.

Wooden house for good, when the foundation rises from the ground at least 40 cm is to spray from the rain did not fly into logs . Roof, projecting over the wall at 60-90 cm, plays the role of an umbrella , protecting most of the walls from direct sunlight and rain , except , perhaps, only a heavy downpour .

Let Your house will be strong and durable , warm and comfortable , cozy and beautiful , you successful construction of wooden houses .


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