Wikpol Co.Ltd was founded in 2000. For several years the main direction of the company it was the construction in central part of Russia and in the Ukraine. This allowed us to acquire an extensive experience in difficult weather conditions. We specialize in the construction of the round logs and glued timber. Technology of building houses we use, was tested for centuries in the harshest environments on the Earth.


      Raw materials for our houses we harvested in the northern Ural Mountains in the central part of Russia and in the north Finland, near North Pole, near Lapland residence of Santa Claus. Houses of round logs are produced in factories in the Urals in Russia. Houses from glued beams are produced in Finland. 


Finished houses we delivery from a distance 3000km. If it neccesary,we have a sea and rail transport.


        House of logs and glued timber are very popular. Many people are actively building a wooden house in Russia, Norway, Poland, Greece, Finland, Germany, Spain, Austria and many other European countries.


      We offer a wide range of activities in the production of houses and installation works "turn-key" in Poland and other countries of the European Union.
Private homes, boarding houses, restaurants, recreational complexes, spas, gazebos and country house construction - this is an incomplete list of areas where wood construction found its application.
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